Hello, and thank you for visting!

I’m Sophie, and I’ve created this blog to document my travels. From February 2017, I’ll be leaving my home in Derbyshire to go on an adventure in the southern hemisphere. So far, I went to Sydney before moving on to New Zealand. I arrived in Christchurch, travelled down the east coast to Dunedin, Inverxargill and over to Stewart Island. I then returned to Christchurch for a 3-week HelpX placement before setting off up to Marlborough, across to Nelson and down the west coast stopping off at Punakaiki, Greymouth and Fox Glacier. Finally, I’m visiting Wanaka and Queenstown before heading to Wellington, where I will hopefully find a job. I’ll keep you posted!

You can find my main blog entries here 

What to expect?

That depends entirely on what day of the week it is! I don’t really have a posting schedule in mind. I’m planning to do a couple more “preparation” posts before I leave, after that the aim is to try and do at least one post about each place that I visit. Obviously, that could change and if I stay somewhere longer, there’ll likely be more than one post. I will be putting up some pictures, but this is going to be mostly a written blog. Once I’ve got the online album set up for pictures, I’ll post the link in the contact page. Content could vary from short notes on where I am and what I’m up to, more informative posts about the places I’m visiting, or stream of consciousness ramblings from your humble Author (I will try and tag those, though).